Road Freight

The compiled local transportation service offered by us helps our customers minimize the cost, overcome the trade barriers and ensure completion of project requirements in the allotted time. We offer a Door-to-Door delivery service whereby we take delivery of the cargo from the exporter’s factory or warehouse and carry out the entire transportation process right up to the warehouse of the buyer.

Very often our clients opt for such a delivery option as it streamlines the movement of cargo by eliminating the need for multiple intermediaries and at the same time facilitates complete logistics management at a lower cost and minimal risk of loss or damage to the merchandise.

We offer specialised handling and transportation of odd dimension and heavy cargo. Movement of heavy cargo from port to port and door to door between all global ports with roll-on/roll-off facilities is undertaken in one piece where possible to save on dismantling costs.

Road Freight Features

We have a team of experts to handle gigantic cargo. For general dry cargo we can arrange for lift on/lift off cargo handling.

  • Full and Over-sized Cargo Transport
  • Transport on request, dedicated or rental
  • Distribution and Intersite rounds
  • Specialised transport
  • Tamper-proof transit
  • Door-to-door delivery of cargo
  • Warehousing and storage facilities